Ió 27

A Crossover novel of Fantasy/bit of Sci Fi/Adventure

       The Distans (from the novel, Moonglimmer) came to establish a new home. The Eternals (from the novels, LIfeShift & Moonglimmer), came on a mission planned 30,000 years ago — To find Zeus, the space explorer who vanished here. What they all find is that the huge planet’s continents hide a hollowed out inner world. And — it’s not empty.

      Eternals, characters from the novels, LifeShift and Moonglimmer, will team together to journey to Ió 27, a world in the far off Wolf 1061 star system where, 30,000 years ago, the explorer Zeus disappeared. Their missions are to find Zeus, carve out a home for the Distans (fairy-like creatures introduced in Moonglimmer), and explore the planet and its oceans.

The planet Ió 27 is far larger than Earth and consists of two very large continents separated by two enormous oceans but connected by a ribbon of land across the extremely cold north pole. Oh yes, one of the continents is populated by creatures of Earth’s past, dinosaurs, while unknown predators roam the deep oceans. And, the hollowed out inner world has its own mix of creatures.



Ió 27 is the working title of the follow on novel to Moonglimmer and LifeShift, that is, the stories converge in this book.

It is currently being written–completion is estimated as late 2018 or early 2019.