Shadow Lake

A novel combining fiction with memoir- COMING Late 2021


Current day handyman Nick West does a job for a mysterious girl who seems to know him and convinces him to go back in time and relive a period of his previous life in 1959.

Back in 1958, Adam Cornell was dumped by his high school sweetheart for his indecisiveness. Facing a bleak outlook and wanting to change his life’s direction, he makes a spur of the moment decision to enlist in the Navy. In 1959, after undergoing Navy schooling in Memphis Tennessee, he, along with two friends get orders to the Naval Ordnance Test Station at China Lake, California.

While the three are driving to China Lake, Adam feels a strange presence in his head.  Yep, it’s Nick.

While Adam toils in the hot desert sun, Nick tries to find the reason why the girl sent him back here. Was he really Adam West?