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ALLRook Reviews by Kirsten Bussiere


"Piasa showcases the very obvious literary talent of author, Michael Kott and I hope to be seeing more from him very soon."

"Extremely well written and intriguing . . . "

"The story. . .takes you through a journey of self discovery and mystery situated both within the personal lives of the characters as well as myth. . ."

Piasa is highly recommended by Kirsten Bussière, Allbooksreviews. --AllBook Reviews

Alton Telegraph Review by Vicki Bennington

     "Using Alton, the Mississippi River and the surrounding bluffs as a backdrop, Piasa takes readers on a paranormal journey into the "what if." Written primarily for young adults, Piasa explores subjects that expands the age limit reach. The mystery that encircles the question, "Is the Piasa Bird fact or fiction?" has been pondered by residents and beyond for hundreds of years. But the mural painted of the majestic creature on the Alton bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River has been a landmark that inspires many stories and speculations since the time when Native American residents told the story that the bird devoured men.

     In author Michael Kott's Piasa, it appears the bird is at it again, but this time may be gobbling up small animals and pets who dare to take the trek outdoors. Reports of large snake-like creature sightings in and around the river and a huge eagle-like bird cause citizens to wonder whether the Piasa Bird has returned. When teenager Sara Williams moves to Alton to live with her Aunt Claire following a family tragedy, she thinks she has moved to what she called "Hicksville." She struggles to re-establish her life in the face of complete change. Eventually, circumstances take a turn for the better when she and her police officer cousin team up with a cryptozoologist (someone who searches for animals whose existence has not been proven) to investigate the feasibility of the Piasa Bird's reality - past or present. At least it gave Sara a reason to get out of bed, and she found a subject that truly interested her again. She even takes on the role of unofficial matchmaker for her cousin. The book's believable dialogue moves at a good pace, and the plot line keeps the reader interested. With a touch of added romance, along with the mystery surrounding the Piasa Bird, the book's appeal crosses gender lines, and should prove of equal interest to both." --Alton Telegraph

Courtesy of Ivana Atanasova’s blog, Diary of Difference


"This is a very warm story that covers the life of Sara, a young little girl (don’t call her that, she’ll get angry!). My apologies – a young fifteen-year-old lady that survives a car accident while her whole family dies. In times when destiny is hard to accept, she will get involved into resolving the mystery behind the legend of the Piasa, and this adventure might actually mean a new start in life for her!

For a lady of this age, this destiny is extremely hard to accept, and on top of that, she has a few scars that will mark that experience probably for the rest of her life.

Her life is not easy – she lost her family, and all of her belongings, and here she is now, at her Aunt Claire’s hotel, still unsure whether she is ready to move forward with life.

Sara is a very unusual character. I have to admit that at times, she would made me cringe. Some of the things she says and does doesn’t comply with my opinion, but there are things that I really loved about her. I loved the way she is coping with all the challenges she has, after everything that she’s been through, her ability to admire someone the way she admires Mike, to start believing again, even despite everything that happens around her, to seize the day and enjoy the moments that life can offer. I love how she would find hope even in the darkest of places.

Even though I really liked the character of Sara, my favourite character has to be Mike. The way he thinks, acts and motivates everyone around him is unique. Mike is one of the characters that will make you realise and question some of your decisions in life.

The only character I couldn’t connect to at all was Pamela. I honestly am not sure why – it might be that there weren’t too many situations involving her that would make me care.

The story hooks you onto it and it is hard to put it down. I have never heard about the legend of the Piasa before, and one part of me wanted to find out before reading the book. I am glad that I didn’t, as I found out slowly about it, page by page, and that is an experience that will stay with me.

I love how it is presented that life is so unpredictable in so many ways, that mysteries are all around us, and that we are able to move forward and win – only if we wish to believe that we can do it. And sometimes, we are in doubt, and that is when precious people come into our lives – it all happens with a reason.

The only thing I wish was different about ‘’Piasa’’ is that I could’ve read this amazing book way, way sooner, when I was fifteen. I can’t wait to read the second book of this series – Cryptid."

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