A crossover novel of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

Jake Foley and April Elliot, whose parents trace their lineage to the planet Flammeria, were born on Earth and have embraced Earth as their home. Both attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Flammeria’s mission on Earth, headed by Jake’s sister, Laura, is to monitor Earth’s volatile climate which has devastated past civilizations. Rejecting a Flammerian mission ten years ago, Jake and April made a pact to separately pursue their own Earthly interests. Jake resigned his Navy commission and left the east coast, abandoning Laura, along with Rachel, his Earth girlfriend, and his life in the Annapolis area, while April went on to become a Navy Fighter pilot. But Jake’s search for an alternate life for himself went nowhere, and he ended up living in the Midwest with his father.

Now, ten years later, Jake has been strangely driven to return to Maryland and the life he abandoned those years ago. However, things are not the way he left them. He finds he has a twin sister, Sheila, who tells him that she and the Distans she cares for, both of whom he never knew existed, are threatened by the Zantites, an alien race.

The Distans, a species of eight-inch-tall, fairy-like creature, live in the huge gardens by the Flammerian house situated along the James River, in St Michaels, Maryland. The tiny Distans, with their human-like bodies, have wings and can fly. In addition, they can read human thoughts and telepathically send them hundreds of miles. To aid in his communication with Sheila, Jake is assigned two Distans, Moonglimmer and Ceellia, who go with him everywhere. Jake and Laura gradually become aware of a deep-seated hidden mission they have been tasked with, the particulars of which, unknown to them, was set in their minds thousands of years ago and are now being brought to light. Put off by the reality of the Distans and the fear of once again being deserted by him, Rachel leaves Jake.

Together with April and the two Distans, Moonglimmer and Ceellia, Jake must aggressively oppose the Zantites, who seek to establish a base on Earth. They steal a Navy jet and engage a Zantite ship, which causes their aircraft to ditch in the ocean.

Rescued by the Flammerian underwater ship, Jake is reunited with Rachel and becomes more aware that this was not the mission he came back for. Eventually, Laura informs him that along with Sheila and her, he is actually an advanced human species, an Eternal, and their memories had been shielded until now from their true mission: a mission that will take them a long way from Earth.

Moonglimmer, following a review by several Beta readers and Kirkus reviews, is undergoing additional editing.

Expected publication of Moonglimmer is early 2019.

The Moonglimmer story merges with LifeShift into the novel Ió 27, which is currently being written.

Expected completion date of Ió 27 is summer/fall of 2019. At that point it will start the beta reader process.