A crossover novel of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

Ten years ago, Jake Foley, who could trace his ancestral heritage to the planet Flammeria and back to the lost Earth civilization of Lemuria, left his Naval career, friends, and girlfriend, Rachel, behind in Annapolis. He also left behind his sister and her mission to monitor Earth. Desperate to stop living two lives, he made a pact with fellow alien and Naval pilot, April, to turn their backs on aiding their home world and find a future on Earth. Now, driven by the urging to reconnect with his sister, he has returned. While his friends and Rachel embrace his reappearance, he finds a twin sister, Sheila, he did not know existed. Sheila cares for a colony of Distans, small alien creatures of amazing abilities. As he is drawn deeper into the lives of his sisters, Rachel, April and the Distans, he discovers he may not be who he thinks.


The Moonglimmer story merges with LifeShift into the novel Ió 27, which is currently being written.

Expected completion date of Ió 27 is Winter of 2020. At that point it will start the beta reader process.