A YA adventure Novel of Cryptid Fiction

Sequel to Piasa

Cryptozoologist Mike Kellogg studies the creatures of folklore and legend: cryptids. Some are fanciful—Bigfoot, dragons—while others are simply not yet recognized by science. Still others are merely known animals mistaken for an unknown.

The exhibit he’s currently involved with for his Chicago museum features melanism, which causes some animals to be born black. Mike’s a bit distracted from the exhibit, however, by  a headstrong teenager—Sara Williams—who he rescued in the previous novel, Piasa. Sara wants Mike to adopt her so she can remain close to her friends in Chicago, rather than live with relations in southern Illinois.

Hundreds of miles away, zoology student Xenia Hastings, Sara's estranged cousin, believes her research photographs show images of a huge melanistic jaguar roaming the National Forests of Arizona. But no one believes her: Wild jaguars, spotted or black, no longer exist in North America. A park ranger helps her to track the elusive creature to a remote, bone-littered, den under a railway boxcar. Xenia discovers that, whatever this deadly cat might be, it’s possibly in that old boxcar, now headed north and east to a railroad museum near Chicago. Xenia decides to put an end to the estrangement with her sister, Pamela, and comes to Alton, Illinois to visit her.  

Xenia together with her sister, Pamela, and Zoologist, Liz Newcastle, come to Chicago. Mike’s and Xenia’s quests collide when evidence shows more than one cryptid has made their way into Chicago’s Millennium Park. In addition, Xenia and Sara will be forced to confront old hurts. As the dangerous creatures wreak mayhem in downtown Chicago, Mike, Sara, Xenia, Pamela and Sara's friends, along with the Chicago Police, race to find, identify, and capture the animals before they can claim more victims.

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The projected publication date is unknown. Probably early 2018. Watch for it on Amazon.